ATP End Of An Era Part 2 curated by ATP & Loop

Please come celebrate ATP’s End Of An Era Part 2 with us! Tickets here. The folks at ATP have been giving us the chance to put on funny hats and do a little dance in front of the class since 2007—without having to duck under flying spitballs and rotten tomatoes. Why's it been such an orgasmic mindmelt for us? Because we've shared the experience with thousands of likeminded pleasure seekers who know the difference between the real thing, and the myriad other festivals put on by people with less than a thimbleful of ATP's style and swagger. We have too many memories with the staff at ATP to count. Among them, we’ve roomed next to Daniel Johnson and got to lean out our window to watch him serenade a gaggle of hypnotized passers by; we’ve hit the sauce with Sebadoh; we’ve danced all night with friends new and old; and we’ve seen fantastic performances by a shitload of our heroes. Our hearts are heavy, not because this is the end of an era, but because they’re soaked with the joy ATP’s so generously struggled to give us over the years. (And make no mistake; they had to fight to make it happen.) Come out and get “soaked” with us one more time! -Dave Fir
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